Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Study Abroad in 2009

We still have openings for all of the study abroad offerings for 2009:

Faculty-Led Courses for 2009
Guanajuato, Mexico (instructor Julie Freeman with assistance from Karl Keller):
FL 200S Intermediate Spanish (spring registration, travel May 2-18, 2009)
FL 301S Spanish for Conversation (spring registration, travel May 2-18, 2009
FL 499S Advanced Spanish Conversation (spring registration, travel May 2-18, 2009)

Brest, France (instructor: Betsy Allison):
FL 200F Intermediate French (spring registration, travel May 2-18, 2009)
(FL 499F option may be available for more advanced students)

Rome, Italy (instructor: Dr. Richard Gerberding):
GS 199/HY 399 Rome: The Eternal City (spring semester, travel May 15-31, 2009)

London, England (instructor Dr. Dorothy Foote):
NUR 418/518 Global Health, International Study (spring registration, travel May 11-22, 2009)

England (instructor Jose Betancourt):
ARS 353/453 PHOTOGRAPHY: Experimental and Historic Processes (course in summer I term, travel May 12-22, 2009 in England)

London, England (instructors Dr. Jerry Mebane and David Harwell):GS 399/EH 540 Theatre in London (summer semester, travel July 13-25, 2009)

Bucharest, Romania (instructor Dr. James McCollum):
MGT 470/490 International Management (summer registration, travel dates in June TBA)

Summer Programs
Intensive German in Düsseldorf (4 weeks in May or June)
Cortona in Italy (10 weeks of art, art history, and Italian language and culture)
Intensive Italian in Pisa (at least 2 weeks of intensive language study; dates flexible)

Other Programs
Any summer, semester, or academic-year program with the University Studies Abroad Consortium (http://usac.unr.edu/).

If you would like any more information on any of these programs, please contact globalstudies@uah.edu.