Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Study Global Studies at UAH!

The Global Studies Program at UAH offers several ways to explore the rich variety and complexity of global issues from multiple perspectives.

Each fall, students can take the course Global Studies 200, "Global Systems and Cultures." This course is a multi- and interdisciplinary exploration of global issues and the processes associated with the mobility of people, capital, cultures, materials, and ideas. The course also features guest lectures by UAH faculty members from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, art history, psychology, and philosophy. Topics include the history of global trade, global economic development, immigration, culture and globalization, cross-cultural communication, and gender, race, and ethnicity in a global context.

For students wanting to explore these issues in greater detail, they can pursue the Global Studies interdisciplinary cognate. Please click here to find out more details about the cognate.

If you have questions about GS 200, the Global Studies cognate, or about study abroad opportunities, please contact Dr. David Johnson at david.johnson@uah.edu or 824-6288.