Friday, January 25, 2008

Management Courses in Romania, June 2008!

From June 13 to 28, 2008, UAH students have the opportunity to travel to Romania and earn earn 6 undergraduate or graduate credit (MGT 470/490 for undergraduates, or MGT 570/650 (6 Hours) for graduates). Note: non-business majors can participate in this course!

This course, cosponsored by Romanian-American University and UAH, explores the world economy, international trade and policies, European monetary policy, globalization, international business management, project management, and organizational behavior in the setting of Romania, an Eastern European country that joined European Union on January 1, 2007. UAH students participating in the class will be joined by Romanian managers as well as undergraduea and graduate students. The material to be covered will include negotiations in teams, proposal writing in teams, executing project management in teams, project opportunities and foreign trade opportunities between the U.S. and Romania, and others.

Instructors for the course will be Dr Kent Zimmerman and Dr. James K. McCollum from UAH as well as Dr. Florin Bonciu, Dr. Dumitru Miron, Dr. Mihai Sebea, and Dr. Valeriu Potecea from the Romanian-American University.

The Romanian-American University will provide instructors, ground transportation to and from the airport and in and around Bucharest; a weekend trip to Bran (Dracula’s) Castle, Rasnov Fortress, the Medieval City of Brasov, plus meals, lodging, and classroom facilities for 16 days.

Estimated expenses:
Romanian-American University fee: 800 Euros (approximately $1,200)
UAH graduate or undergraduate tuition (6 credits)
Roundtrip airfare (arranged individually by students)
Passport application fees
Discretionary funds for souvenirs, snacks, meals on evening forays in Bucharest
For more information, please contact Dr. James McCollum at