Monday, October 22, 2007

2 $1000 Stipends for Study in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Two UAH students per year will receive tuition and living expenses (not to exceed $1000 apiece and not to include transatlantic travel) for individualized study at the Institute for International Communication in Düsseldorf, Germany ( One stipend is reserved for a student majoring in Foreign Languages, and one for a student with any other major from any college at UAH. Recipients should have completed FL102-G prior to arrival in Düsseldorf.

The dates for the four-week course in Düsseldorf are June 2-27, 2008.

In addition to studying German in Düsseldorf, students may also pursue a research project pertaining to academic and/or professional goals.

Candidates for the awards should submit the following to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts by December 1: a personal statement explaining your long-term goals and how this summer program fits into that long-range plan (two pages maximum); letters of recommendation from two UAH faculty members, of whom one should be in Foreign Languages. If you have some personal project on which you would like the feedback of a specialist, if one can be located who wishes to make time for you, describe the project (one page maximum). If we cannot locate a specialist in your preferred field, we will ask you for a second or third preference, if you win the award. No such special project is necessary at all, if you simply want to begin or continue the study of German. Recipients should submit a short description and evaluation of the experience within a month of its completion.
For more information on this opportunity, please email